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Warning: All Themes Are Not Created Equal

There are a lot of great premium WordPress themes out there but Warning: All WP Themes are not created equal.
There are, for instance, theme frameworks, themes built on frameworks, themes with tons of exposed hooks and child theme options, and advanced themes with tons of settings and integrated plugins. Some themes are well developed, stable, and predictable once deployed. Others are poorly developed, contain loosely integrated plugins, and perform poorly once deployed. So you have to look beyond the demo with all the pretty graphics.
Here are three questions to ask when considering a WordPress theme:

Who Built the Theme?
The question matters when asked: Who built this theme? Stick to companies and developers with a track record of putting out great products. Read the reviews, check the changeling to see how often the themes are updated. These are indicators of how well the theme is supported.

What Features Do You Need?
It will benefit you greatly to know what the objectives are for your website. What features does your website need to accomplish those objectives? If you plan to give your visitors the ability to schedule an appointment with you, be sure the theme features can support that objective. If you need a hundred plugins you probably have the wrong theme.

What is the Ease of Use?
Some WordPress themes will give you tons of options for areas that don’t really matter while overlooking giving you options to change areas that totally matter!
Make sure that your theme gives you control over areas like header and footer layouts, and blog controls. If you have to hire a code developer to make basic changes to your WordPress theme that defeats the purpose of using a theme.
Well developed WordPress themes give you the functionality to customize your theme to match your feature needs.

Look Deeper
Every WordPress theme looks great while viewing the demo page. Relax, and take your time, examine the nuts and bolts behind the pretty demo.