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Is Your Website Message Clear?

I am married to an amazing woman of whom I love very much. Yet there are times when I am convinced that my wife and I speak different languages…. no I mean really different languages – like Swahili and Portuguese. There’s the message I speak and then there’s the message she hears and most times the message is NOT the same!

The same is true in business. The message we present to customers is rarely the message the customer hears. We think we’re communicating a clear and understandable message to our clients (like I think I am when communicating with my wife) but is that the message the clients are receiving?

The communication between my wife and I increased dramatically once I was open to the possibility that I wasn’t as clear in my communication as I thought I was. Same is true in business. As long as we continue to be closed to the possibility that we aren’t as clear in our messagings to our customers, we will never be open to the possibility that perhaps our clients aren’t getting the intended message. There is what we’re saying and then there is what the customer is receiving.

This miscommunication is true throughout our marketing – especially our websites.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of websites and I am amazed at what I find – or do not find. The message of most businesses is lost in business jargon – Acronyms and technical terms. The customer should not need an interpreter to understand how to do business with you..

Vital information like, Who you are, what’s your story, and why what you do is important to your customer. This information must be so clearly stated that there is no potential for misunderstanding. Customers want clarity not confusion.

Within 3-4 seconds, the visitor to your website will determine whether or not they’ve landed on the right Realestate. If what you provide for your customers isn’t crystal clear, they’re gone.

Most of websites I have reviewed are pretty but not productive. Meaning the websites aren’t making money and not converting browsers to business. Entrepreneurs and business come to us wanting to know “what’s wrong – why aren’t the visitors converting?” Eight out of tens times it’s for this common reason – The customer is confused by the language and the engineering of the website. Customers will not expend precious time on a website trying to figure out what they should do next. Changing the language of your website means the difference between customers converting and customers leaving confused.

My communication with my wife improved when I began to ask questions: How do I communicate to her more effectively? What are the obstacles to our communication? Is my tone in line with my message? How can I express my need for baked chicken more clearly?

We have to ask the right questions or we will assume we’ve communicated a message we have not. Customers want clarity, not confusion.

Let Webntensity help you clear the obstacles and help your clients to convert with clear brand messaging.